Verse 1:

It was one
Early morn’ in the end of the year 2012
Didn’t have no reason to get up and be my damn self
Got up went online to put some music on to clear my day
Something up out my “NOW NOVER” album-
Maybe some of that Trey, Six or some, (Three 6)
Music videos- lets play some of mine
Never thought you’d end up hitting me up or invade my mind
But since the day we met I knew you’d help me move on with mine
My shyt and help me smile again that’s why I labeled you mine
Although you’re younger I can see potential
You really do understand the shyt I’ve been through
Cuzz you been through shyt that’s hard to hold in hand and all
After getting hurt we got the same; pain- let’s leave it in the past
Really though im serious when I say I want to make it last
When we met we clicked so quick
I ain’t playing I loved that shyt
I’ve met so many girls out there but on you girl they ain’t got shyt
Plus, that pretty face,,
Adorable lips
Don’t be surprised when I tell these bitches and hoes
About your touch; a single kiss..

Verse 2:
There goes 3 months later
You cheese up- though you freeze up
I tell you everything’s cool as long as you learn to ease up
We dated few times and already be so ready to start
To fall in love with your ways and everything’s said from the heart
But being on some type of “playa” shyt-
Some games that you be playing with
I ain’t bout to let you play with me you see im hating it
Told you seriously, that im down to take care of your soul
Never gonna break it- though you’re treating mine like you’s a ho
Now you’re saying you’re going out of town-
I know what’s going down
Trying to kick it witcha fuckin EX I hear it on the sound-
The tone, of your voice
When I call you and you talk to me
Fuckin kills me deeply knowing dat you still showed love to me
And no.. ain’t nothing but, some type of ho..
I loved your personality before but lately you’re just BEAUTI-FOE