Ridin Nuts

See we ballin down in logan square up to albany park
Seein what an evenin keepin lowkey tell me where to start
To tell you what the fuck be goin on in this neighborhood
G’s be drug dealin pimpin hoin, everything is good
The weather be so bunk in the chi , shyt’s frustratin mane,
The type to leave ya froze, in the trunk, aint complainin mane,
But having to cut off all my sounds from the cold tho,
Cant be hollin’ at these freaks no more, by the liquor store,
So I dont fuck with hoodrats, I relax with the pretty chicks,
Camera keepin on my side they down to shoot some other flix
Not a music video but I dont leak a sex tape,
Strictly confidential now but hurry cuz its gettin late,
Now I got a date, with a friend I met the other night,
Hopin I dont get into some shyt tonight who tryna fight?
But if you’re tryna pull some shyt, let me know it in advance,
Been a fuckin minute since I got a little dirt on hands, trick !

Straight up ridin nuts you gets no love cuzz you’s a fake groupie

See I stay up in the fuckin north I rep that shyt like everyday but
Sho got love for that southside cheese so book me if you want me mane,
Walkin round with a couple of goons just chillin with some homies bro,
Cop a bottle sip a bottle tip a bottle lay on flo,
And sample that cut, play it on another bumpin track,
If you think it dont play loud, getcha money back,
Cuzz I guarantee some of them lows for your system punk,
Hope that shyt enough to make ya whole fuckin block jump,
Wang ya trunk so keep supportin gangzta mind and buy the music,
Single fuckin buck would do, keep me puttin out some music,
I aint bout the money but I got bills that I need to pay,
Stomach touchin my back, prayin that I see another day,
Other than that shyt id like to do a little show for yall,
Hit me where the party gonna be ill do some shyt for yall,
Bumpin bass, out the pa system gigs I did,
Come show some love out to a playa lettem know its all too good, trick!

Straight up ridin nuts you gets no love cuzz you’s a fake groupie