smoke some of that
smoke some of that
smoke some of that dro,
that hydro fuckin weed or some of that purple kush indo
i got drank, if you want some of that pick up ya fuckin glasses,
and pour that Hennessy or bombay gin all on they asses,
but dontchu drop that junt that blunt gone cost you some of that cheese,
some money outta ya pocket dont you waste it homie please,
smoke, that fuckin weed, till you cant breathe my nikka choke,
some green smoke, from ganja trees and get so high,
nobody trippin, so dontchu stop my dawg you fly,
and its all good, try not to tweak unless you want it to happen to you,
its all good if thats the case,
but take it easy homie pass that shyt this aint a race,
light- it up for em,
and pass it back cuzz i want some, to ease me out,
its gettin cloudy wontchu keep me stranded in here i want it to damage up my brain,
“its been so long” .. damn..

now that you started to feel ya high,
call some of ya bitches to come on thru and help yo ass get by,
and lettem share they weed witchu cuzz u knowin you the mane,
or simply cuzz they had enough damage to they fuckin brain,
thats if they have it cuzz most of these hoes be brain dead,
but back to the topic gimmy that tropic stuff you have there,
and share that fuck and while i smoke, this fuckin weed,
ya little hoe, and quit- tryna smoke for free, now little bro,
trying not to run out so i run out to go cop some more,
of that sticky smelly greenery we love to call hydro,
or that cali kush we finna order let me call the gang,
“pass that junt, bitch”.. damn.. “shyt”..