Fake Shyt

I used to have friends lookin out for a playa
Never had a damn thang, physically, not a hater,
But a muthafuckin bitch, with a muthafuckin clique,
And a pen and a pad- and some nuts, and a dick,
Tried to do, what I had to fuckin do- music shyt
Came into twenty’s mind so I did it on da quicks,
And a month or two later had them instrumentals comin
Never had a fuckin mic- but I knew I had it comin to me
Easily I knew I had to keep it up,
So I started writin full songs just to fuck around,
All this krazy shyt started spillin outta me and,
Too afraid to let my kniccas come around n read it,
Knew id gain some haters too afraid to know whos fake or not
But I gotta do my thang u see I shouldnt give a fuck,
Bout a punk ass hater muthafuck a trading fuck boy,
After now never now that tape became your favorite toy-
And then I dropped hate-on and ur quick to down that shyt for free
Lovin the production and the flow conviced u to fuck with me
U became a fan- and your bitch became a fan too,
Using that freaky thang song to hoe around and dance to,
Straight up ridin’ nuts u gets no love cuzz you’s a fake- groupie-
Tryna message me, get cut off- like u really knew me
Waitin for dacure- cuzz ur sick of all these rappers out,
Keepin my circle to a limit
Lettin u others rapper about some fake shyt that youre doin- hoe!
bout some fake shyt that youre doin- hoe!
bout some fake shyt that youre doin- hoe!

“Anna down, haters mane i gotta dodge, stayin out the eyes of you fucks”

They tell me not to go out
But I cant go out at all
Aint goin out like a fool- I gotta show what im bout
They tryna keep me from makin thangs happen I never quit,
Just keepin shyt lowkey, keep some of you fools off’a me,
And my track projects cuzz I knock when I drop tracks like this one,
You’re hearin right at the moment but really this aint no fun,
I got no body behind I gives a fuck what you say,
If you say you down with me I wouldnt believe that shyt mane,
So wontchu bustas get on stage so I can push yo ass up off that shyt,
Rollin solo cuzz I aint, talkin outta my ass and shyt
No clique to back me up shyt I dont need a fuckin crew like you,
Fighting over slots this aint- no damn game I fuckin came out to
Show none but love but you hoes couldnt take my presence straight,
Had to fuck around I need’a lay you down for fuckin hatin bitch
I dont know, why the fuck yall think yall ride,
Yall aint fuckin straight yall faker than the fake shyt that you say you’re doin, hoe!