Ride Around Pt.2

ride around, mask on,
so high, safety off..

Cali The Artist:

Twenty Elbridge:
ride around for these hoes,
around for these foes,
purple color for these hoes,
knicca keep your mouth closed,
i keep the tongue twistin down,
when you stare at me i frown,
cuzz u owe me- some respect,
dont let cali bring the tec,
as he wreck-
you gone feel just what i say,
fuckin spray, violence- is da key
when u try to fuck with me,
tired of you- swaggin faggots
trying to rap- this aint for you
find your self an occupation
out of mine- you know its true
that you bustas get on stage
braggin bout your fuckin ties,
sweet ass little fuckin kids,
pistol whip between your eyes,
and you lies when you say-
that you’re real bitch keep it real,
you- never had a problem
how you know how that shyt feel?
let me see you at a show,
you dont know- how this comes to be?
put you in the guest list muthafucka
wont you come to me?
but if i see you on the distance
trying to clown;
your clique better fuckin lay down-
cuzz we gone ride around on you hoes..