Bring It To Da Door:


This shyt is beginnin’ to blow up like dynamite
Just might pick a muthafuckin fight with one of you cross me out
No clout -no doubt for you damn knicca fuck that singing shyt
And fuck all them teens in your videos that lil kid bitch
Cuzz we some thugs about our hog so don’t you speak of us
And ill be honest you ain’t speak of us you know we’ll bust
Them fuckin heads and we gone have to we gone do that shyt
And we’ll leave you dramatized as soon as you see these click
And so damn quick we fuck yo shyt up
And shyt get better
And even after dark yo pussy ass gone wet the bed up
You little underage, music-waste, front hoes
That’s the equation when you sissy fuckas don’t know;
Yall sing like hoes
I hope you muthafuckas flop some more
And quit or some, beatchu some, or teach you some, about some flow
Mane I wish that I could letchu go
Without the risk of catchin a case I beatchu to the floor
Bring it to da door, knicca..


Never fear a knicca calling him self a killa whatsup bitch?
Boy you claim you so god damn buck wild with that WEAK ass shyt?
Lock you in the truck, mob through the night within a mist of fog..