DaCure 02 - We Are DaCure Lyrics

We Are Da Cure:

Verse 1:
Animosity kills so I try to maintain it cool
Post up on them corners with a beer
Tippin on a fool
Got it hard today im getting a call like round that 6am and
Shyt im trying to relax, I ain’t trying to relapse
Hit up my cousin Lil Yo G.I
But I ain’t trying to scare a neighbor off
Like whats up with that- these neighbors actin soft
But to hell with that cuzz we don’t fucking bang
All we do is hang
Like my nuts on your lady’s chin and wrapped on rubbers mane
Here we try to guard our own
Keepin hoes up out our home
If you hoes want testin me
Yall gone get the best of me
Actin crazy in your cut
But you’re such a bitch to face
Fuckin with that G-M-I-N-D
You hoes gone be erased dawg

Got my niggas from the Elb
Got my niggas from the ridge

Verse 2:[
Try to stay out patient mane
These gangztas coming round to check
But I gotta stay to mine and get a fuckin royalty check
Ain’t no body gonna try to act so tough when coming round solo
When you hoes gone grow some nuts and
Got it worse don’t wanna hold on
Chillin though
Call a ho or two lets start to conversate
Tellin me they got the plug-
My whole career’s about to break
Hopfully, stuck in the struggle but now that my city’s about to show
Me some love, at a live performance or out at a show
Hit up my, manager to figure out some business thangs
And in a little try to break some extra bread out sellin thangs
CDs and T-Shirts, handin out some posters
Hurry up my nigg’ we need it- “DACURE” we post up BITCH.